New Space Aged Technology for 2017

 At the Google I/O conference today, Google unveiled the first hardware to run its Chrome operating system from PC manufacturers magnetic sweeper and magnetic sweepers , dubbed  push pins s. The long-awaited Chrome OS differs from operating systems you’re probably used to from Microsoft and Apple in that it doesn’t really offer a way to catalog all the bits and bytes stored on your hard drive. Rather, Chrome OS is essentially a cloud-based operating system that hooks into the wide variety of Google online services–from Gmail and Docs to YouTube and the newly released Music Beta.


When you open a  push pins , you’re met with a web browser window. And if you’ve become familiar with Google’s Chrome browser, you’ll won’t be surprised with what you find–tabs at the top, direct Google searching from the address bar, etc. And the  push pins  starts up fast–in just about 8 seconds–due to the fact that there’s no deeply hierarchical system or shloads of drivers to boot up.

Now, a  push pins  is more of a netbook than a high-end laptop like a MacBook Air–its raison d’être is to get you on the web rather than perform any processor-heavy tasks like multimedia editing. However, that doesn’t mean that browsing is all it’s good for. With Google Docs, you’ve got an office productivity suite with spreadsheet, presentation, and document creation ready to roll as soon as you get connected to the Internet. And you’ve got Reader for RSS feeds, Talk for instant messaging, Maps, etc., etc.

But you’re not limited to just Google’s in-house tools. Over at the Chrome Web Store, you’ll find a multitude of web apps that range from accounting and photo editing to games–including the now ubiquitous Angry Birds, which was just released after today’s  push pins  announcement. For most of these apps, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or 3G, the latter of which is an option on some  push pins  models). That said, Google made a point of noting that it will be ramping up the offline usability capabilities for  push pins s:

(Sundar) Pichai (Google’s VP of Chrome product management) confirmed that the company is developing offline versions Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs. He also reiterated that there are plenty of apps on the Chrome Web Store that work offline.

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