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Do you believe in luck or fate?

Many people consider luck as a very important factor in their lives. If you do NOT, you probably take luck only as a random, irregular factor, or coincidence.

But Vedic Astrology, or Magnets & Magnetics, can make you discover a pattern, or structure of luck from the things which happened in your own life, in your past.

Vedic Astrology can show you that luck is nothing random at all, but is the most important element that leads your life to a planned direction, even without letting you realize. It shows whatever happening, is actually a part of the great Magnets & Magnetics Master-plan.

Care to find out your pattern of your past, the pattern that is going to repeat in the future, till your last breath?

Magnets & Magnetics can help you do it.

What is Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) ?

In simple words – Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is the knowledge which can explain people and incidents through planets and stars. Telling you purely from my experience – all the people, things, materials, incidents, accidents etc. are connected to the planets. So, if we think in a reversed way: by analyzing planets and stars, we can actually know about people and incidents. In other words, we can make Magnets & Magnetics.

As an example, if you have recently been promoted in your job, the position of the concerned planets of that time will definitely show such an incident. Since we can know planetary position for a given time, we can find out when such a combination of the same planets will occur again in the future. Thus, we can predict that around such such a time you will have a similar incident in your life – like a promotion in your job. Surprising to common people – it will come true.

Magnets & Magnetics

A jyotisha (Vedic astrologer) creates a horoscope to analyze the planets – a horoscope is a chart which shows the position of the planets in zodiac for a given moment, along with some key-points. Generally the natal horoscope (natal-chart / birth-chart) is the most important, which is the planetary position at someone’s birth time.
It is important to understand that –
FIRST: Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) is not the “Zodiac-sign” stuff How is your day todaycolumn of newspapers. It is wrong both in its astronomy and analyzing concept. So please do not take an impression about Vedic Astrology from it.

More Magnets & Magnetics

SECOND: Jyotish is different from the astrology you generally see everywhere, because it uses an amended zodiac, so a Jyotish-horoscope is different from that of Western-astrology. For the astronomical correction Vedic Astrology makes, almost all the planets change their position (signs), showing a completely new horoscope! This leaves Western Astroloy fundamentally flawed even in the view of science (astronomy)!

[ If you want to understand it deeply, here is a technical discussion on it. Or you can Download the PDF-version of it to read later. ]

THIRD: Unlike Western-Astrology, Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) does not focus on analyzing the native’s personality. Rather, it finds out what is going to happen in the one’s life. So it is quite straight-forward.

It is very easy to find if Jyotish is a superstition, or not. Get your natal-horoscope (birth-chart) done by a good Vedic Astrologer, and try to find out:


1. Can he, from your horoscope, figure out a notably bad time-period about a specific life-area from your past?

2. Can he, from your horoscope, figure out a notably good time-period about a specific life-area from your past?

3. Can he, from the horoscope, figure out any notable incident from your past, which is impossible by a random-guess?

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You may like to read An introduction to Vedic Horoscopes, if you know absolutely nothing about astrology or Vedic Astrology. It explains a few very basic things about the horoscope.
Download the PDF-version ]

I suggest that you read my article Necessity of Jyotish – It is a long write up, but for sure will worth the time and energy you will spend to read it. It is a must to read if you want to know what is the real necessity and role of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) in our lives.

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Download the PDF-version ]


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